Bikergear Wallmount 2.0 KTM orange duo pack


This is what you will get when you order a Gearbase Bikergear Wallmount 2.0 KTM orange DUO.

  • 2x GB Bikergear wallmount 2.0 KTM orange DUO
  • 2x GB safety magnet
  • 2x GB bikergloves clipp
  • GB stickers
  • 8x Plugs and black screws
  • 2x Torx screw bit
  • Little surprise

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The mount is 3mm thick steal.

It’s powder coated.

You can hang two leather suits on it.

Finish: Matt

Colour: KTM orange


Step 1: Mark the 4 drill holes

Step 2: Start drilling with drill 6mm

Step 3: Use the supplied plugs and screw the Wallmount to the wall

Step 4: Hang your gear on it and enjoy

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